Soil preparation for hidroseeding is the same as for ordinary seeding. Different is only in the insertion of the seed into the soil. In this case, using a special machine. In Storage container is added water, mixed cellulose mulch, water absorbing additive and then after a little moisturizing roots, paint, acidity regulator, glue, fertilizer, seed and get approve fibers. All additives used are organic; perform its functions and formation of the lawn to decompose. Mixed mass using pumps sprayed onto the prepared soil. It sprayed evenly across the surface area. The influence of special glue, mixture sprayed on the surface forms a film that prevents the wind or rain water to carry seeds. This way they remain evenly spread. Mulch along with moisture sorbent consists of seeds of this favorable environment and quickly germinates. This is a great way to avoid seed deflation, leaching and soil erosion leveled. This drilling method is irreplaceable afforestation not only flat but the slopes or large lawn areas. In such places, the rain, and there are considerable streams of water run-off and the resulting film hold the seeds in place and prevents mold wash. The film continues, until the seeds will be administered by the roots and then decomposes and rots, becoming additional fertilizer lawn.

This method also allows you to sow the lawn in late autumn, when “traditional” sowing too late. All lawn seeds before they germinate until frost, formed film and continues to perform its functions, which is holding the seeds. As we know all decay at low temperature stops. In this way, the film time and place seeds until spring, when they can continue to germinate.

This method was invented to afforestation closed landfill, but worked so well, that it began to use to afforest roadsides and installing lawn sites. Hidroseeding used to sow larger areas with very carefully and we cannot prepare for sowing.

In addition it’s a great way to upgrade the old, forsaken and grieved lawn, if we do not want to get into the ground work. Just work hard to mix grass seed suitable your soil and spray on bare land.